How to transfer your Xbox One Games to a new Xbox One X (Scorpio)

How to move your existing Xbox One games and Apps to a new console!

So if you have just got your self a new xbox one X or have one on pre-order you need to be thinking about moving all them games and Apps from your old machine to your new one. Microsoft has you covered be including several ways to transfer everything. Here’s how!

Get the right gear.

Before you start this process you need to have or purchase a external hard drive big enough to hold all your information. The external hard drive needs to be USB 3 and at least 256GB in size, if you are looking for compatible drives heres one I have recently tested.

If you are using a new drive then great plug it into your Xbox and you will be prompted to format either so it is compatible for games or compatible for movies, songs etc. Make sure it is formatted in the way that you want but don’t forget if the drive already has something on it then all data will be erased once formatting has commenced on your external drive.

Option One HowTo Transfer Games from Xbox Internal drive to External hard drive.

  1. Open Transfer games & apps.
  2. Go to Manage transfer and then tick Select all.
  3. Scroll down to Move selected.
  4. Pick the drive you want to move your content to.
  5. Confirm Move


Thats it your games are on there way, depending on the amount of games and Apps you are moving from your Xbox One to your new hard drive will depend on how long the process takes.

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